Meet Jamila Nicholson, Creator of The HOAJ

Welcome to my house!

The HOAJ pronounced /thuh haj/ is an acronym for “house of alima J.”  Founder Jamila Nicholson describes the design house as her creative alter ego where she can inspire others to live out their passion, create beautiful spaces, and have a little fun too!  Under The HOAJ we provide several services which include commercial and residential interior design, project management, event planning|styling, and a boutique where you can find unique chic pieces for your home or event.

As a young child I was very was know as the creative one…the artist in the family.  Whether it was drawing, painting, or decorating it was always something that I have done for fun.  My problem was I never felt confident enough to share fully what I could do yet alone have the guts to pursue a profession in the arts.  Being from a strict Caribbean household, the focus was always on going to school and getting a “career “ and nothing in between. Throughout my adulthood I found myself always doing creative projects on the side and the fulfillment it gave me to do it was always a rush.  There were times when I tried not to focus too much on it, but it would always pop up in some way or form and I had to acknowledge the call.  I know there was a divine intervention that kept pushing me in the direction of my passion.  I became exposed to other self-taught designers like and creatives who gave me insight into the design world and the confidence I needed to go for it.  And that’s what I did…never really expecting anything except my ability to release the creativity I had within while helping others.  I must say it has all been well worth it and for the first time I feel in sync with what I am supposed to be doing in life.

Hope you like what we create together!

xo J.